Winter storm brings snow to Florida lawns

9 12 2009

An unexpected winter storm swept across parts of Tampa leaving behind a flurry of snow covered yards.  That’s right, snow in Florida.  On the grass.  Beautiful, fluffy white snow.

A little white turf paint makes for a nice touch of winter

Looking for a little more of the holiday spirit? Maybe a snow-covered lawn wil help!

Okay, not exactly.  VIP Pest Control in Tampa is offering a unique service to customers this holiday season.  Their “Snow Service” can bring a little glimpse of snow to your 80 degree days.  I am not sure how popular the service is at this point, but I think they might be on to something.  One of the local news channels picked up the story and ran it on their site, which I am sure is good for business.

It’s really a fun and simple idea.  Many people, myself included, wish they had some visual indication that we are nearing the Holiday Season.  Those of us that have lived in northern climates often rely on freezing cold temperatures, slick roads, and, of course, snow.  I personally find it hard to believe that it is December already.  This might help.

You might be asking “But, how?”  It is simple.  They are using the same paints that are frequently used to paint the lines on athletic fields.  They are water-soluble paints that are safe for the turf and will not cause any long-term damage.