Wishing I lived up North

2 12 2009

Well, maybe not.  It is December 2nd and the high temperature today in Gainesville was around 79 degrees.  That is hard to beat.  However, the cool nighttime temperatures have resulted in a number of our warm-season turfgrasses beginning their transition to dormancy.  You do not have to look around much to realize that the grass has basically stopped growing.  Knowing that, I find it interesting to see how many landscape management companies still insist on MOWING!  In all fairness, there are a number of weeds that pop up this time of year that can be bothersome to homeowners.  Maybe they are trying to keep them mowed down.  Who knows.  The sad thing about this time of year is the fact that our grasses are going dormant which means we will be surrounded by a sea of brown yards.  Personally, I am considering overseeding my lawn with a cool-season turfgrass to add a little color (and a little piece of home, since I am originally from Idaho and I LOVE the feel of cool-season turfgrasses under my toes!).  Not that I would recommend everyone overseed their lawn for color.  It is risky – there is a pretty good chance that by planting a cool-season grass for winter color that you will actually injure or kill your warm-season turfgrass.  For some, this is a big risk to take.  I see it as an opportunity (excuse) to re-sod my yard. 🙂